On-site Arsine Gas Generators

Premissa provides on-site, on-demand arsine (AsH3) gas generators for production of compound semiconductors, solar cells, and LEDs which eliminate the need and safety hazards of traditional compressed arsine cylinders. Premissa uses a unique, patented electrochemical process  with a refillable solid source canister to electrochemically generate  ultra-pure arsine at lower cost than compressed arsine cylinders.  The generators can also automatically provide blended arsine/hydrogen mixtures, at the pressure needed, to your MOCVD reactor. The Premissa arsine generators eliminate the hazards to employees and community of compressed arsine gas cylinders at your Fab
  • No cylinder transportation to your plant
  • No cylinder storage
  • No cylinder change-outs
Premissa was founded to make production, distribution and handling of gases such as arsine and other toxic hydrides:
  • Faster. On demand, onsite, always available 24/7.
  • Better. Highest purity (>99.9999%) at lower cost than arsine gas cylinders–without the hazards. Fully automated production, simple graphic interface to chose arsine delivery time, concentration, and pressure for your MOCVD run.
  • Safer. No cylinders, cylinder delivery, changeouts or storage.
  • Efficient. Low energy consumption. Electrochemical process–instant ON/OFF.
  • Scalable. Pallet size canister modules; 5 slpm, with up to 50 kg arsine delivery per module (that’s equal to 20 to 50 arsine gas cylinders!)
  • Easier, Lower Cost. Refillable canisters designed for continuous operation, shipped by air-freight or truck
Based on over 25 years of prior experience with electrochemical industrial gas production, Premissa’s newly patented technology is the ONLY process providing industrial scale on-site arsine gas generation.

Remote or adjacent to your MOCVD reactor- Highest purity, lowest cost arsine. Fully Automated. Failsafe.

We’ve created a new kind of arsine generator, designed for efficiency and safety. Click on any of the links below to learn about all the features Premissa’s generators have to offer.

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