Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum flow rate and delivery pressure achievable from a single unit?

Maximum flow rate is 5-6 slpm continuous delivery in the current design sizing for a single unit.  Multiple units can be operated in parallel for larger flowrates.

Maximum operating pressure is 45-50 psig , although typical operating pressure would be 15-30 psig to drive mass flow controllers to the MOCVD reactor.

How long do the canisters last at maximum generated flow rate?

The duration between canister changeouts depends on the usage rate. The largest canister is capable of delivering approx. 50 kg of arsine.

What is the purity of the output from the generators?

Arsine purity from the generators is 99.9999%.  Fully qualified for VCSEL production with the arsine generators by Honeywell Optoelectronics (subsequently purchased by FINISAR) has been demonstrated and published. 

What are the largest canisters available and how large are the cabinets?

Cabinets are modular and pallet sized for ease of installation and shipping. Canisters are sized for easy insertion into the cabinets and contain approximately 50kg of arsenic.

A common industrial hand truck/ forklift or other similar device can be used to install the canisters in the generator.

Are the canisters refillable and if so, what are the turn around times?

Yes, canisters are refillable with turnaround time of 3 days plus shipping.

The canisters can be air-shipped anywhere giving a turnaround time of 5-7 business days for refill and delivery.

Currently, refill capabilities are in the New Jersey. Should demand warrant, Premissa could set up refill locations at other locations.

To allow for continuous production and rapid swap out of canisters, we would suggest that a spare, filled canister be kept with each generator for operational simplicity.

Can the systems be manifolded together to get a higher flow?


Additional Safety Advantages

Premissa electrochemical generator gas generation is instantly turned off when the electrical power is switched off. This limits the quantity of arsine to the low volume and pressure in the generator and manifold.  This greatly reduces the worse case gas release compared the high pressure gas cylinders.

A key advantage of Premissa generators is that each is controlled for on-site, on-demand production at whatever flowrate and deliver pressure (up to 50 psig) is desired.

From an environment and climate change perspective,  our electrochemical arsine generators de-carbonize and eliminate traditional fossil fuel heated chemical reaction based arsine production facilities